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Kyla J.

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love this website so much. It has always been inspiring for me and is very motivational when it comes to cooking. Ever since I was a kid, I already loved cooking with my mom and so, I grew up doing it all the time. I always wanted to learn cooking professionally but we do not have enough money for me to study at a culinary school or take a course. This is why I only get the chance to learn cooking from different sites like this. Watching video tutorials and reading blogs about cooking made me feel educated and knowledgeable especially when I practice a lot. It is my dream to be at their event and show one day but I can’t seem to be lucky about it. I wish someone can update me about the shows once the site posts it? Thank you so much.

Era D.

Hello, Kyla. I am so thrilled to know that a young lady like you are inspired by our website. We have always wanted to inspire many people and motivate them through the shows we do and the posts we share. Knowing that someone like you doesn’t get a chance to study at a culinary school or get a course for it, we wanted to help you in some way. For that, we will have you on one of our shows next month. The admission has always been free but we will invite you to have a slot on our premium seats with one of your family members. You can invite your mom and enjoy the show with her! We hope that we can make one of your dreams come true by this simple thing.

Kyla J.

I am more than glad, omg. I can’t believe that this is happening right now. Thank you so, so much for inviting me!